Membership of Turkish Arab Business Directory

This is A Business Directory established in order to create effective means of rapid communication between Turkish producers and business community, and the vast consumer markets and business community in the Arab world .

Relations between Turkey and the Arab world is on the right track now days. And the trade exchanges between Turkey and the Arabic countries is ever growing and expanding. We at believe that such trade relations needs further expansion and thus, needs further efforts to harness all means of modern advertising tools, in order to serve the Turkish suppliers, and the Arabic importers and consumers.

The Arabic consumer population is well over 280 million persons, this huge market has long been well targeted so far by all major countries of the world. The potentials are high in such environment. We believe That Turkish producers and businesses should take much wider share in this growing market. And this is the main goal of this website.

Turkish-Arabic Business Directory works to help in this efforts. This website will enable you to introduce your company and your products, and have them available and seen in the Arabic countries, in a language that is well understood and read.
This site does not work automatically, which means that it doesn’t deploy and post your adds and product information automatically. You as a Turkish company representative would not be able to post ads on the fly, like other web directories do. Instead, your adds should be sent to us directly, so our translation department could do the translation of your adds material properly and rightly.

Our translation department will do the job on your behalf. Just send us your company's data in Microsoft Word file, enclosing product photos. One file for each product is preferable.
The main language of this site is Arabic, but your product data can be published in both Turkish and English as well. That is, if you send us your data in Turkish language. Then it will be translated into Arabic and then published in both Arabic and Turkish.

The English text of that data will be published as well without any additional cost, only if you provide us with the English copy. Should you ask us to translate them into English on your behalf, then we will inform you about the cost based on the volume of work required.

Finely, in order to publish your data correctly and clearly, you must communicate directly with us by e-mail..

To inquire about prices and cost, please contact turk-arab at: info[@]

 Kind Regards;

Jalal Nouri Shishani
G. Director & Publisher
Tel: 00962 772 716 704